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Reminding the world that change begins with the smallest of actions.

It only takes a little effort to make a big impact.

How Exactly Do You Spread Love?

By being a positive example of change. 

The world is in a very crazy space right now; there's a lot going on that is very disruptive to all forms of life on our planet. The vision I have is simply one where we all treat each other, and all of the inhabitants of the planet with more kindness and compassion; one where we accept others for their beliefs and their way of life, and although we may not always entirely agree, finding balance and acceptance within that disagreement enough to still respect one another's right to live their lives the way they choose to; given of course that they're not hurting or causing harm to anyone else. It's a very long road ahead, and is one that will never really have an ending, but it is a vision that I am certain will become more adopted by humanity as time goes on.

We are the change, it's time for us to act like it and create a positive future for each and every being on this planet. 

-Julian Costa