What is A Little Peace Of Love?

A Little Peace of Love: What does it mean?

Well, to me, A Little Peace Of Love began with something very personal; the knowing that all the things I wanted to accomplish in life would take a lot of time and effort, and would come a little piece at a time. Then I started to think: Positivity seems to breed much more personal “success” than negativity does, even when faced with severe tragedies in life. Finding the good is difficult to do, especially when life seems to only be throwing struggles your way, but it sure makes those struggles much more tolerable. Now, I know that’s MUCH easier said than actually applied, especially when dealing with things that can just seem overbearing, but it is true nonetheless.

I then began to think of all the things I want to see happen in the world; all the changes I want to see blossom, all the people I want to see grow, and all the events I want to see take place. As unrealistic as some of them may have seemed, I realized that they would always seem that way unless I reverse engineered them back to their roots, which made them seem much more achievable.

For example, as cliche as it sounds, I want to see, you guessed it.. peace on earth!!

I know, I know, but as farfetched and ridiculous as that may sound, I thought about where peace starts: Me. It starts with my daily actions, the things I do to make each moment of my life a little better for not just myself, but for others as well. Those things have a domino effect and create traction in many different areas of life, and pave the way for, you guessed it.. PEACE!

So, A Little Peace Of Love: It’s who I am, it’s everything I believe in this life. It’s what I want others to see when facing things they want to accomplish, realizing that no matter what it is, a little bit of positive actions in the right direction will inevitably get them to their goals!

I wanted to apply that to daily life, I wanted A Little Peace Of Love to be something that people think about when they want to change the world, when they have those visions of a better tomorrow, and give them the realization that a little love can truly have a very big impact.

Written by Julian Costa

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