YouTube Channels To Check Out

Below is a list of some of my favorite YouTube channels that have truly helped me along my journey; I hope they bring you love as well!

Self Love & Happiness ❤️

Ralph has a spirit unlike any other, always putting out content to make you smile. Be certain to check out his channel and dive deep along with him!

Motivation & Inspiration 🙌🏾

Without a doubt, Gary will take your mind and push you into mental limits you never thought possible. If you're ever in need of practical business advice, or just some uplifting words to help you through rough times;

Gary Vee is the guy to see.

A sincere soul who truly wants to see you succeed, he's crafted a phenomenal Top 10 series featuring entrepreneurs from all walks of life; giving you the advice and wisdom you need to "believe" in your vision.

Andy is one of the most genuine and real people I've ever come across, but he will not sugar coat anything for you. In addition to his YouTube channel and many business endeavors, he hosts a very prestigious podcast: The MFCEO Project. 

Health & Wellness 🍴

A medical professional who has done amazing things in the realm of nutrition & medicine; showing people that what you eat truly does make a difference when it comes to your long term health. He is the President of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an organization set on building the role of nutrition in medicine, and bringing it further into the forefront of medical education.

An amazing documentary set to show the health benefits of shifting our diets from animal-based to plant-based. Their YouTube channel contains a plethora of educational information in regards to this topic, along with a large variety of delicious plant-based recipes!

"The latest in nutrition related research, delivered in easy to understand video segments brought to you by Dr. Michael Greger M.D.."

His content is highly informative and educational for those wanting to further their knowledge of health and nutrition, and he is always posting new videos!

Exercise & Nutrition 🌿

Richard has an amazing way of outputting information, and is quite controversial in the YouTube community. Nonetheless, he is without a doubt one of my favorite people to watch, always providing a harsh, yet truthful viewpoint. He is continually debunking the worst of the mainstream fitness & health industries. Despite his sometimes abrasive approach, he is without a doubt one of the greatest advocates of veganism.

A very informative and well structured channel, providing a large variety of content to help you with all things fitness and health related!

Chelsea is a sincerely kind hearted spirit, who is highly motivational in the fitness spotlight. She has always been one of my favorite YouTubers, and has a truly great way of showcasing her knowledge of exercise & nutrition.

Technology & Creativity 💻

Any knowledge needed in the creative space? Roberto is your guy. He is one of the most informative people I've ever come across, and he truly has a love for teaching and connecting with his viewers. Whether it's computers, cameras, software programs, web design, or you'd like to learn how to build your social media followings, look no further, this is the channel for you.


Are you into filmmaking? Look no further, Matt is a highly intelligent filmmaker, with knowledge in all realms of the industry. His videos are structured for both beginners and experts in the field, so don't hesitate to check out his work and see how he can help you!

If you're interested in building a WordPress website, Adam is without a doubt the best person to learn from. He has a fluid and easy going approach to his teachings, and is very concise with all of the information he delves into. It's largely because of his YouTube channel that I learned how to build this website.

Veganism Ⓥ

If you've ever thought about going vegan, but aren't sure where to start, Gary's YouTube channel is the best place to begin. Also be sure to listen to his famous speech:

'The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear'

Emily is without a doubt one of the greatest advocates for veganism that I've ever come across. She has one of the most well structured and informative YouTube channels that you'll find, and it's set for people of all ages, even children!